Since 2020, we have been developing simple and accessible solutions to accelerate the decarbonation of businesses .

Where everything started

Back in 2020, Wise. Energy was created in Berlin, Germany with one vision: bringing Renewable energy to All. We successfully developed & launched “the Fusr” : a rollable solar panel for windows & portable to allow anyone powering their daily devices with the sun. 

As the impact on carbon footprint on a large scale and on cutting energy bills was marginally small with the Fusr, we decided to pivot and rather fall in love with our mission: decarbonate the energy for all.

When accounting for all carbon emissions from the energy and industry sectors combined, we reach a total of 57% of CO2e (IEA, 2022). Therefore, why not starting there? A new service was born: 360° decarbonation for companies & industries.

We want to make sure that every € invested has the maximum impact for the benefit of people and our planet.


A unique 360° decarbonation ecosystem

What we do

At Wise Energy, we specialize in providing comprehensive energy solutions for businesses. 

We start from the fact that it is not easy to know where to begin. Every company and professionals we talk with, we perform an energy audit together in order to identify what should come first and to build a long term transition plan.

Therefore, you can easily anticipate every part of the process & modelize your future energy savings and CO2 footprint. A science-based Carbon Reporting is also built with our partner to ensure an independent control on your transition. Besides, we also provide you with financing & rental options to enable you to start from day 1 with no CAPEX or OPEX.