Advice and answers from the WISE. team

Solar panels

We are here to advise you on which first steps to take. Switching to renewable energy production is usually a good first step to decarbonize your company.

You can choose to rent your solar plant for a typical duration of 5 years. This allows you to make savings from day 1 without any CAPEX or OPEX. After the end of the rental, you become the owner of the installation for 10% of its price.

We always structure the rental together to make sure you directly pay lower energy bills every month. Make sure to book a call with us to build your plan together and with our financing partner.

A simple rule is to get your total electricity consumption over the year and making sure to match the same production of solar energy. For example, if you consume 30,000 kWh of electricity per year, it does make sense to produce 30,000 kWh of solar energy.

We will conduct with you a deeper analysis including a lon-term 3-5years plan to make sure we cover also your future energy behaviors.

Energy storage

The first reason to install a battery when producing renewable energy (solar or wind) is to increase your self-consumption.

In other words, without any battery, around half of what you produce is typically not used and “wasted” by being injected to the grid. With a well dimensioned battery, you can keep that surplus to use it later on for your appliances.

We have been using lithium-ion batteries in our appliances since the early 90’s. Today the Lithium-Ion phosphate technology we use allows us to guarantee a battery to last for 10,000 cycles at 80%. In other words, the battery can last over 10 years and still be at at 80% of its capacity at its 10th year.

Energy Trading is the feature that enables a battery to also charge from the electricity grid at times when the energy is cheap (eg: during the night prices can go very low, even negative). You can then use that cheap energy during times when the energy is much more expensive.

Did you know that in Belgium, in 2023, we had in total 222 hours of negative energy prices? A perfect timing to recharge a battery for future use.

Grid Balancing is the option for you to let the grid operator (eg: Elia) use your battery in order to add flexibility to their service. You will then get a specific remuneration for this service. This si the a good way to increase your Value for Battery. We provide you the opportunity to participate in grid services through third-party aggregators.

Charging stations

Depending on your electric fleet evolution plan and on your renewable energy production we will advise you with an optimal amount of charging station. 

A rule of thumb is to calculate 1000 kWh per year for every 10,000 km of a vehicle charging min. 4 days at the office per week. This is rule is an average. A more precise estimation will be conducted together with you with one of our experts.

It means that our charger will take the electricity flow that is the most benefetial for you (lowest €/ kwh). Whether it is taking energy from your solar plant or your battery, it will always communicate with our whole system to make your energy consumption as seamless and cost efficient as possible. 

The car charger can also be connected to our energy management system allowing also special machines or appliances to be fed at the “wise time”. By that, we mean at the time that makes the most sense for you and the planet.