How is our daily energy produced & How to be more sustainable ?


We all know for years how climate change is an urgent topic to address. While the change in our way of consumption needs to be triggered from the top (government & private companies), we need also to act in our everyday life to already set the new trends of tomorrow. For a real sustainable future. It always looked to us that whatever we already do in our everyday life to be more sustainable – shopping with zero waste methods, recycling our trashes, taking the bicycle or electric bike for commuting to work, … – there has always been a little something that is missing.

After a few researches on how these green solutions that can help you reduce your carbon footprint, we realized essential component is always missing or unclear. From which type of energy this “thing” or service has been made? Most of the time the answer is unfortunately from charcoal or gas factory production.

Our founder Julien decided to swap his personal gas car last year with an electric bike to commute to work. While he enjoyed a lot the very long distance range the e-bike enabled. This is needed when you’re living far from work. There was always something popping up on the back of his mind: “Is that Truly a green solution for my everyday use?”

Few clicks on Google would be enough for you to read that we are actually consuming more and more energy just to recharge our everyday gadget our mobility/ utility appliances.

Then, when you look at how the energy from our home plugs is produced – more than 50% is made from intensive CO2 sources – you start to wonder why we don’t already switch to more renewable sources. At Wisenergy, we do think that the solution comes first from within. Many options exist to get a contract with a “green energy supplier” but most of the time, these are more financial tools with a “grey” mix of energy rather than real pure 100% renewable electricity.

We then started to look for the best solution to produce energy from home. Solar cells is probably the most easy to set and most efficient of these solutions. The problem we found is that most of the Plug and Play solar chargers for homes are either quite bulky or made for outdoor & camping use.

We then built a DIY solar system that we can easily set outside of a window and… it worked so well! Within 3 hours of full European sun, we were able to fully charge up to 4 smartphones, 1 laptop and 1 small motor of electric bike!

Just imagine for a second… being able to ride thousands of kilometers with your electric scooter or electric bike… Just with the energy from the sun.
Or if you feel less in a mood to go out today… Just picture yourself watching your favourite series from your online streaming platform (Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, …) for hours and all that only with solar energy.

☀️🚀That’s what we’re working on at Wise Energy. We’re improving our sleek windows solar home system so you can produce energy that makes sense for you. You’ll also be able to live track your clean energy production via our App.

Julien, Founder @Wise Energy